I provide video call lessons in technique, theory and composition that are 100% tailored to you. This means that I don’t work with a fixed curriculum, as I believe every student is different and benefits from a different approach. In the process of taking lessons, we’ll both find out things that work well and things that are less interesting to pursue, so we’ll be sure to focus on whatever is right in the moment.

Lessons are generally 45 minutes long (depending on personal preference and the type of lessons). This start with an introductory lesson, after which students purchase a set of 10 lessons. For many this has proven the most valuable approach, as most progress is typically made after a few lessons together. Knowing you’ve invested in a series of lessons means you’re invested in developing your skills and yourself, which leads to results.

The lessons will be either once a week, or once every other week. We’ll be discussing something you want to work on, applied to music you like, and by the end you’ll have some material to tackle until next time we meet up.

For further lesson inquiries, feel free to email me at hugo.moroux@gmail.com


“After many years of learning guitar, I was reaching some limits. I couldn’t do anything other than play covers, and they all sounded a bit rough. Since I’ve started working with Hugo, it’s all been coming together. His real-time adjustments of my technique and his practice routines have me sounding cleaner and faster every week. I now have a growing list of songs I can play well. Perhaps more importantly, he is opening me up to the world of music theory, so I can start improvising and writing my own music. I feel like Hugo is helping me grow from being ‘just another guitar guy’ to becoming a complete musician.”
– David Maldow, BoomSoMuch (USA)

“Hugo’s music lessons have really boosted my guitar skills over the last twelve weeks. I’m having a great time learning from him and seeing the improvement in my playing as we go through a mix of music theory, guitar technique, and practicing songs. I’d been teaching myself for a few years, but it has been so helpful to have the support and instruction from someone with Hugo’s experience to take things to the next level!”
– Joel Cottrell (Australia)

“I have had the opportunity to enjoy Hugo’s music class for six months. Hugo is a very gentle and patient teacher. During his first few lessons he seems to miraculously pinpoint his student’s needs and he tailors the rest of the schedule exactly to meet those needs. He is also very flexible, has an extensive knowledge of musical theory and is able to translate it to practice and understandable lessons. His enthusiasm and dedication made me push my own limits and I look back on a highly educational and enjoyable period.”
– Nils Vermeire (The Netherlands)

“As a self-taught guitar player, I was stuck and had a hard time reaching the next level. Hugo’s personal approach to each class helped me find what I was missing in my learning journey.”
– Ernests Kronbergs (Estonia)

“I’m glad I could get private music lessons from Hugo Moroux! Through his livestreams on Twitch, he present his musical talent in two ways: his broad knowledge of music theory, and in his skill on his instruments, especially the guitar. It’s always fun and easy to understand. The lessons aren’t any different. Hugo teaches songs, techniques, music theory and more, based on your experience, and continuously motivates you to keep learning and practicing.”
– Yngwie Kädtler (Germany)