Moods was written live on Twitch in the company of our beloved music community. The concept originally came from wanting to create a set of backing tracks for my students to play around and study with, but quickly changed course. Like Waves, Moods is a royalty-free album, filling in the gaps of what’s currently available (music that’s 100% free to be played back on your streams, YouTube videos, and MySpace profiles).

All songs were written in the key of A, with each song putting forth another mode of major (the song titles are no coincidence). With that in mind, Moods is an album that’s completely built on parallel modes, and I hope you not only enjoy listening to it – but also feel inspired to play and improvise over it!

Waves is my previous album, a dark ambient guitar record born under the pressure of copyright law. Its aim is to explore improvisation in a minimalist setting where each piece of music is both related to the others yet unique.

Despite its dark ambience, I believe this record can mean much more than simply representing the dark. I hope you find joy, a memory or simply relief in listening.

A playlist of various instrumentals I’ve made. Featuring a variety of genres, some of which have been part of a commission.